WELDECH Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
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WELDECH Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

WELDECH Electric Ind. Is a professional manufacturer of High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine and Plastic Welding Machine,High Frequency Blister Packing Machine,Blister Packing Machine,High Frequency Canvas Welding Machine ,Canvas Welding Machine,Special design ,High Frequency ,Toothbursh Blister Packing Machine,High Frequency Simultaneous Welding & Cutting Machine,Cutting Machine,was established in 1988. Our Products are highly stable, reliable, strong output power, secure and durable design. We not only offer quickly after service, but also meet with whole world customer's affirmation. In the future, we will continue to improve and innovate our products through learning form customer suggestions & feed back, and develop the new series machine service customers.

Созданная в:1988
Капитал: US$167,000.00
Вид деятельности:OEM Manufacturer ODM Manufacturer Exporter/Agent Retailer Agent in Russia : Deelor Company
Рынки: World Wide
Основные продукты:High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine, High Frequency Blister Packing Machine, High Frequency Embossing Machine, High Frequency Welding & Cutting Machine, High Frequency Canvas Welding Machine
Количество работников:15
Местоположение компании:No. 41, 40th Road, Industrial Park Taichung, 407 Taiwan, R.O.C.
Расположение завода:No. 41, 40th Road, Industrial Park Taichung, 407 Taiwan, R.O.C.
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Генеральный директор:Mr. Gino Liu
Обратиться в отдел сбыта:Director Mr. Gino Liu
Адрес:No. 41, 40th Road, Industrial Park Taichung, 407 Taiwan, R.O.C.
Электронная почта: weldech@ms19.hinet.net