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High Frequency Welding Machines

High Frequency Welding Machines

High Frequency Welding Machine

Product ID: PWN-4000FA / 670L / DD / H

Machine design would holder longer, it's useful for stretch ceiling or products require long size per weld. Heater assists welding for some special material.

    • Ceiling stretch from PVC film.
    • Raincoats, Tarpaulins, PVC umbrellas.
    • Traveling bags, Handbags, Beach bags.
    • Stationery, Name-plate badges, Inflatable toys.
    • Foot wear, Trade mark labels, Stickers, Textile fabric PVC on cloth.

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Model PWN-4000FA / 670L / DD / H
Type of operation Pneumatic
H.F. Out-Put Power 4 KW
Input Power 6.5 KVA
Oscillation Frequency 27.12 MHZ
Oscillation Tube E3062 TOSHIBA
Power Supply AC 220/380/400/415/440V 3Dia./1Dia. Voltage to be arranged at instruction.
Rectifier Silicon Diode
Max Gap of Electrodes (mm) 170
Press Stroke (mm) 50
Max Pressure (kgs) 300
Lower Electrode Size (mm) 350 x 700 / 400 x 800
Net Weight (kgs) 350 
Gross Weight with Packaging (kgs) 430
Size of Wooden Case (cm) 185 x 125 x 165
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Gino Liu
Contact:Director Mr. Gino Liu
Address:No. 41, 40th Road, Industrial Park Taichung, 407 Taiwan, R.O.C.
Email: weldech@ms19.hinet.net